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Last update: 2.5.2017.

What is nutrition and how should we deal with it

Supplement Watch - About nutrition


Nutrition means all the nutrients that a person consumes. Proper nutrition should contain all the necessary nutrient to support life. Since all people are different the proper nutrition varies from person to person depending on age, health, individiual characteristics AND circumstances.

Poor nutrition is often linked to poverty and third world countries but it is a fact that people whose sosioeconomic status would be more than sufficient to support proper nutrition still suffer from malnutrition regards to some vital nutrients.

Because malnutrition is generally accosiated as a third world problem we fail to see that the lack of proper nutrition might be a problem in our lives.

If you are malnourished it will affect you. Your performance will not be as good as it could be. At school this means lower test scores. Later a poorer career, poorer economy, poorer health. Malnutrition is a big contributors to disease and disabilities even death.

We all need good nutrition starting from an early age. Our bodies need fuel to operate. The correct fuel. You wouldn't feed lamp oil to your car. Why should you feed your body with wrong nutrients?