Last update: 2.5.2017.

It is about science

Supplement Watch - Research

This section will open in August 2015

Research can be interpreted in many ways. When some people think of research they are talking about browsing through the internet looking for web pages that have commented on the subject they are researching. Some people mean only the hard core peer reviewed scientific studies that are done under controlled circumstances by learned professionals. We do not want to dismiss either approach. Both of them have they uses.

In this section we concentrate on the scientific research that has been done on different areas of nutrition and exercise. Sometimes we comment on studies that are not considerd ok or are otherwise somehow seem unreliable. However we try to express for each study and each subject what we cover the validity of the research and possible objections made against them.

Science is not always so straigthforward as we might think. Remember that the starting point of any scientific research, a hypothesis, is just an educated guess.