Nutritional view on healty living

Last update: 2.5.2017.

It's about information you can use to keep in shape

Proper nutrition is one of the key components in healthy living.


Our goal is to offer information for people that are interested in their health and well being and thus try to empower them to take as much control over their personal health and well being.

Diet and exercise

The two most important factors in staying physically healthy are diet and exercise. We use the term diet loosely here: By diet we mean all of the food and other substances consumed by a person including e.g. medication and even pollution. By exercise we mean all activities requiring phycical effort e.g. walking and swimming.

Supplement Watch concentrates mainly on nutritional facts especially concentrating on various supplements but covers also exercise related topics. We also have a few pages about different kind of conditions.


Actually we do not even offer nutritional advice or any other advice. Our only goal is to supply information for adults who can then make their own decisions. How you use the information supplied is up to you. Please read our terms of service before using this site and if you have a medical condition please consult a medical professional.

We have just started with our site and we are building it piece by piece. We have written in each section, which is still under construction, during which month/year it will be opened. Please be patient.

External links

Because we feel that it does not make sense doing a good thing twice we have only supplied the basic information and an external link when something has already been documented well. Also at the end of each page we try to provide you with extrernal links to the subject so that you can verify the information from another source or dig in deeper if you want to do so.

We hope that you enjoy our site!