Terms of Service

Last update: 2.5.2017.

The terms how this service is provided

Supplement Watch - Terms of Service

This section explains the conditions under which we provide our service.

Terms of service (TOS) is an agreement to which one must agree to in order to use this service.

The Terms of Service is a legal agreement between the service provider and the user of the service.

By using this service you the user of this service agree to abide by the terms of the agreement.

Thi agreement is legally binding, and may be subject to change.

Privacy policy is linked to the Terms of Service agreement and provides information on how we handle information. By accepting the Terms of Service you also accept our Privacy Policy

Last update is written in the first sub-page of the terms of service.

The terms of service main function is to define the terms that this service is provided. It e.g. defines the proper and expected usage of this service and limits the liability of the service provider.

The Terms of Service is written in many pages to increase clarity and readability. Please read all of the pages.

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